March 6, 2013

Was it a magazine photo?

Everyone knows how it is, when you postpone something endlessly, thinking that you still have enough time to do it. One day I realized that I had a lot of strangers' photos but none of my own sister. We set up a date just a month before my flight to Canada. I did this photo shoot not knowing that she will send it to a magazine as an illustration to an article about communication problems between owners and horses. She is a well known polish horse behaviorist and she wrote a how-to properly "talk" to horses.

March 2, 2013

Black beauty and blond beauty

This team is a great example of understanding and trust. Martha bought this mare just few months before the photoshoot, but it's easy to see the connection between them.

January 20, 2013

European winter

In my home country winters are always very white, cold and snowy. When we scheduled the photo shoot we had no idea it will be the coldest, almost stormy day of the winter. The temperature was close to -20 C and the falling snow was thick like a curtain, so I couldn't snap anything from afar. Even though the weather conditions were difficult to work with, I remember this day as a very warm, full of joy and laugh.